Student Health Services

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All regularly enrolled SDSU students have prepaid a health fee as part of their tuition and fees that entitles them to basic medical services. Open University students or students from the Skilled Development Center are not eligible for these services.  Services for students at the SDSU-Imperial Valley include, basic medical and family planning services, individual counseling/psychological sessions and group seminars/ workshops. For more information on Student Health Services and for referrals, send an email to [email protected].

Imperial Valley - Student Health Services

In order to be seen by a medical provider, you must request a health service referral by sending an email to [email protected].  After receiving the referral, you need to make an appointment with the health service provider.  Any appointment that you cannot keep must be cancelled. Student will be responsible for payment for health services visits without a referral.

The Imperial Valley Student Health Services program covers the following basic services: 

Basic Services

Illness and basic healthcare

Limited clinical laboratory

Gynecological examination

Counseling services


Counseling Services

Assessment and counseling on issues relating to self-esteem, personal problems, academic problems, stress.

Family Planning Services

Personal Counseling


After Hours Nurse Advice Line



Community Resources

Students are responsible for the cost of their healthcare whether received at Student Health Services or at an outside facility. Students are encouraged to purchase medical insurance coverage.