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All regularly enrolled SDSU students have prepaid a health fee as part of their tuition and fees that entitles them to basic medical services. Open University students or students from the Skilled Development Center are not eligible for these services.  Services for students at the SDSU-Imperial Valley include CPR classes, basic medical and dental services, vision examinations, individual counseling/psychological sessions and group seminars/ workshops. For more information on Student Health Services and for referrals, send an email to [email protected].

Imperial Valley - Student Health Services

In order to be seen by a medical provider or have a vision exam, you must request a health service referral by sending an email to [email protected]  After receiving the referral, you need to make an appointment with the health service provider.  Any appointment that you cannot keep must be cancelled. Student will be responsible for payment for health services visits without a referral.

The Imperial Valley Student Health Services program covers the following basic services: 

Basic Services

Illness and basic healthcare

Limited clinical laboratory

Gynecological examination

Vision examination

Counseling services


Counseling Services

Assessment and counseling on issues relating to self-esteem, personal problems, academic problems, stress.

Family Planning Services

Personal Counseling



CPR classes are offered free to our students on a first come first serve basis. They are offered twice per semester and class sizes are limited.  For more information send an email to [email protected].


After Hours Nurse Advice Line



Community Resources

Students are responsible for the cost of their healthcare whether received at Student Health Services or at an outside facility. Students are encouraged to purchase medical insurance coverage.

San Diego - Student Health Services

Students from the Imperial Valley may also seek services at SDSU–west campus. Some services, including annual Pap smears and pharmacy, require a minimal fee. Charges associated with these services are dramatically lower than those found elsewhere. We accept California’s Family PACT program designed to cover the costs of services to prevent unplanned pregnancies and protect the reproductive health of those who qualify. This care is provided at Student Health Services, located in Calpulli Center, where health care providers offer a wide range of programs and services.

Medical care is provided by board certified physicians, certified primary care nurse practitioners, licensed nurses, and other qualified personnel. Additional services offered at Student Health Services include a medical laboratory, an x-ray department, eye care, dental services, and physical therapy. The pharmacy dispenses prescriptions and over-the-counter items at cost; physical therapy; health-related counseling and campuswide health programming are offered by the Health Promotion Department. Low-cost consultations are available for osteopathic manipulative treatment, travel medicine, orthopedics, and sports medicine. Students are responsible for the cost of their healthcare whether received at Student Health Services or at an outside facility. Students are encouraged to purchase medical insurance coverage.

Immunization Requirements

Please visit

Important: Students who have not complied with this mandate prior to the registration deadline will not be able to register for classes their second semester.


  • Did something unexpected happen causing you to need food or housing immediately?
  • Are you only eating once a day because you don't have enough money to buy food?
  • Are you struggling to find a safe, stable place to sleep?

Economic Crisis Response Team site

Accidents and Student Insurance Coverage

Accidents requiring treatment and/or transportation to a local hospital should be reported immediately to the SDSU Imperial Valley Campus, Business Affairs, 760-768-5515.

SDSU students are regarded by the university as adults. Accordingly, students are responsible for their own safety and health in connection with participation in campus activities and should exercise good judgment and due care at all times.

Specific questions regarding insurance coverage for campus programs, institutional safety regulations, and potential risks inherent in academic programs and student activities should be directed to the responsible faculty or staff member in charge of the activity.

Students participating in required or elective academic programs such as internships or practical through either nursing/allied health training, or in a teacher training program are covered under the university’s Workers’ Compensation program provided an internship agreement between the university and the facility has been executed by an authorized representative of the university. The university is providing Student Professional Liability insurance to its students who are enrolled in these programs. This coverage is provided through Lloyd’s of London. Students needing proof of this coverage for their participation in an institution’s affiliation program can obtain a copy of the certificate of liability from their professor.

The university does not provide liability, accident, or health insurance coverage to students. Students may obtain medical insurance through or through The university makes no warranties as to the nature or quality of the coverage or the financial integrity of the insurers. The information on the availability of coverage is provided as a convenience to students.