Office of Retention and Student Success 

The Student Retention Program is a data-driven department that increases student persistence and completion rates by removing potential barriers or impediments to student success. The department aims to increase retention efforts and overall student success by proactively working with students and connecting them to the right resources on campus.  Additionally, collaborating with departments across the university to develop and support initiatives that enhance student support and success. The Retention office is located in the West Faculty building. 

Appointment Availability: Monday - Friday 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

To make an appointment with the Retention Specialist, you can call (760) 768-5504 or email [email protected]

Grads Retention


ACADEMIC ADVISING: Schedule an appointment with an Advisor. 

FINANCIAL AID: Check the status of your Financial Aid. 

STUDENT HEALTH SERVICES: Update your health and Covid-19 clearance.


Make an appointment with your Retention Specialist and find out about support services on campus to get you back on track. 

Bounce Back Retention Course - General Studies 255

ACADEMIC SUPPORT & TUTORING: Schedule a tutoring session and meet with a tutor face to face or online. 

LIBRARY: Make use of the various study and search tools available to you. 

ECONOMIC CRISIS RESPONSE TEAM: Find out about the free resources available to you, including technology resources, food resources, financial resources, employment resources, and housing support. 

COUNSELING & PSYCHOLOGICAL SERVICES: Your mental health and well-being are important. Reach out and talk with someone who can help.