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Claremont Graduate Schoool

M.A., Ph.D.

Trinity College, Dublin
Higher Diploma
Anglo-Irish Literature
U.C. Irvine (MFA program) 
Poetry writing
University of Redlands
University of Durham, England
SDSU, Imperial Valley Campus 
Asst./Assoc. Professor 
1992-present  English
Univ. of Texas, Permian Basin 
Assistant Professor 
Elizabethtown C., Etown. PA.
Assistant Professor 
UCLA Writing Programs 
Lecturer (full-time) 
Cal-Poly University, Pomona 
Lecturer (part-time) 
Scripps College  Fall 
Lecturer (part-time) 
University of Redlands 
Lecturer (part-time) 
Fall l985-88
U. C. Riverside  Fall 
Lecturer (part-time) 
Riverside City College 
Lecturer (part-time) 
Spring l984
U.C. Irvine 
Teaching Assistant (part-time) 


Co-Authored, Peer-reviewed Books with William Baker as First Author:
3. Bernard Kops. (Fairleigh Dickinson UP, forthcoming)
2. The Literature of the Fox: A Guide to Anglo-Jewish Writers. AMS Press (forthcoming).
1. Leonard Merrick: A Novelist’s Novelist, Fairleigh Dickinson University
   Press, 2009.

Sole-Authored Essays in Peer-Reviewed Journals:
29. “Questioning the Paddy Stereotype in Edna O’Brien’s ‘Shovel Kings.’”
      Journal of the Short Story in English (forthcoming).
28. “Deathly Conformity of Irish Women: Novels by Mary O’Donnell and Susan Knight.”
      South Carolina Review 45.2 (2013): 16-24.
27."Irish Sado-Masochism in Clare Boylan’s Home Rule and Holy Pictures"
     Estudios Irlandeses Vol. 6 (2011). (
26.“Divided Allegiances and Female Friendships in Short Stories by Maeve Kelly
     and Rita Kelly.” Short Story 18.2 (2010) 80-88.
25.“Edna O’Brien’s 1990s Trilogy” in North Dakota Quarterly 76.3 (2009): 14-38.
24.“Degenerationism and Mesmerism in Wilkie Collins’s Heart and Science” in
     South Carolina Review 41.1 (Fall 2008): 102-109.
23.“Trauma in Jennifer Johnston’s The Fool’s Sanctuary and Two Moons” in 9.4 (2008): 42-53 of
     Nassau Review.
22.“Accepting the Grotesque Body: Bildungs by Clare Boylan and Eilis Ni Dhuibhne”
     in 1 (2006): 103-111 of Estudios Irlandeses.
21.“Girardian Rivalry in Maeve Brennan’s ‘The Springs of Affection’” in 13.2 (2005): 95-104
     of Short Story.
20.“Uncanny Doubles: the Fiction of Anne Enright” in New Hibernia Review 9.3 (2005):
19.“Fallen Madonnas in Late-Victorian Fiction: Kate Chopin’s and Grant Allen’s Ambivalence
     About Sacrifice” in South Carolina Review 36.1 (2003): 40-50.
18.“The White Devil in Orley Farm: Trollope, Webster, and Degeneracy” in Readerly/ Writerly
     Texts 10.1-2 (2002-03): 79-88.
17.“A Secret Garden of Repressed Desires: F.H. Burnett’s That Lass ‘O Lowries” in Dickens
     Studies Annual 32 (2002): 363-78.
16."Degeneracy in Henry James's The Princess Casamassima" in SUNO Review, from S. Univ.
     New Orleans, 1.2 (2001): 12-26.
15."Mother-Daughter Rivalries in Short Stories by Edna O'Brien, Helen Lucy Burke, Mary
      Beckett, and Elizabeth Bowen" in North Dakota Quarterly 68.1 (2001): 70-85.
14."Illness as a Crucible in Novels by George Meredith, Frances Trollope, and Charlotte
    Yonge" in Nassau Review 8.2 (2001): 16-26.
13."Borders, Binaries and Heritage in an Irish Short Story: Victoria White's 'Raving Autumn'"
      in 29 (2000): 519-38 of Women's Studies.
12."Becoming a Middle-Class Princess: F.H. Burnett's Through One Administration" in
      8.1-8.2 (2000): 43-52 of Readerly/Writerly Texts.
11.“Irish 'Fallen' Women in Stories by Mary Beckett, Lilian Roberts Finlay, and
       Emma Cooke” in NS 7.2 (1999): 91-98 of Short Story.
10.“Gaskell’s Ruth  and Hardy’s Tess  as Novels of Free Union,” in 28 (1999): 151-72 of
      Dickens Studies Annual.
9."Domestic Gothics: Charlotte Yonge's Heir of Redclyffe and Edith Wharton's "The Old
      Maid" in 14.1 (1999): 43-54 of Middle-Atlantic Writers Association
8.“Abjection and Degeneration in Thomas Hardy’s ‘Barbara of the House of
       Grebe’” in 26.2 (1999): 1-17 of College Literature.
7.“Bruised Boys and ‘Fallen’ Women in Short Stories by Elizabeth Bowen”
       in 32.1 (1999): 88-99 of the South Carolina Review.
6.“Rivalry, Confession, and Healing in Bernard Mac Laverty’s Cal,” in 9 (1997):  9-15 of
       Notes on Modern Irish Literature.
5.“Sacrificial Women in Short Stories by Edna O’Brien and Mary Lavin,” in 32.2 (1995): 
       185-97 of Studies in Short Fiction.
4.“Breaking with the Conventions: Victorian Confession Novels and Tess of the D’Urbervilles,”
       in 37.4 (1994): 445-62 of English Literature in Transition .
3."Deathbed Confessions," in III (1994): 92-106 of Continuum, a journal of hermeneutics
       and social concern.
 2.“The Madonna Ideal in Mary Lavin’s Short Stories: A Kristevan Perspective,” in 20
       (Sp. ‘93):  81-88 Journal of the Short Story in English.
1."Confessing Rebellion:  Gwendolen Harleth and the Alcharisi," in 18-19 (9/91): 55-62 of The
    George Eliot and George Henry Lewes Newsletter.

Invited Chapter in a Peer-Reviewed Book:
“Blind Faith and Class Distinctions in Mary Lavin’s ‘The Small Bequest’ and ‘The Mock
     Auction.’” D’hoker, Elke. ed. Mary Lavin. Dublin: Irish Academic Press, 2013, 118-38.

Jointly Authored Articles in Peer-Reviewed Journals:
Amtower, L. Kehler, D., Emory, L., Little, S., Moore, J., and Shumaker, J. "A Marriage of
    True Minds: a Fifteen-Year-Old Writing Group" in Issues in Writing 11.2(2001):168-90.

Invited, Sole-Authored Book and Videotape Reviews in Peer-Reviewed Journals:
Of Valerie Coghlan and Keigh O’Sullivan’s Irish Children’s Literature and
    Culture in Children’s Literature Association Quarterly 36.4 (2011): 484-87.
Of Barry Tharaud’s (ed.) Emerson for the Twenty-first Century in Style 45.3
    (2011): 567-70.
Of Nancy Watson’s The Politics and Poetics of Irish Children’s Literature in
    Children’s Literature Association Quarterly 34.4 (2009): 405-407.
Of Jarlath Killeen’s The Fairy Tales of Oscar Wilde in Children’s Literature
    Association Quarterly 34.1 (2009): 82-84.
Of Velma B. Richmond’s Shakespeare as Children’s Literature in Children’s Literature
    Association Quarterly 34.1 (2009): 84-86.
Of Editors Patricia Haberstroh and Christine St. Peter’s Irish Women Writers: Opening
     the Field in Style 42.1 (Spring 2008): 94-96.
Of Anna K. Nardo’s George Eliot’s Dialogue with John Milton in George Eliot-
     George Henry Lewes Studies 52-53 (2007): 131-33.
Of all the articles about prose works that appeared in George Eliot-George Henry Lewes Studies
     between 2000 and 2005, in Nineteenth-Century Prose, 34 (Spring/Fall 2007): 381-385.
Of Maud Ellmann’s Elizabeth Bowen in Tulsa Studies in Women’s Literature,
    Fall 2004: 382-84.
Of Masako Hirai’s Sisters in Literature in George Eliot-George Henry Lewis
    Studies 38-39 (2000): 101-103.
Of Diane Long Hoeveler’s Gothic Feminism in Rocky Mountain Review  53.1 (1999):
Of the BBC video of George Eliot’s Middlemarch in George Eliot-George Henry
     Lewes Studies 24-25 (9/94).
Of Michelle Masse’s In The Name of Love: Women, Masochism, and the Gothic  in
    Studies in the Novel  25.2 (l993):  241-3.
Of Karen Chase’s Middlemarch in George Eliot-George Henry Lewes Studies 20-21
       (9/92): 78-80.
Of Nancy Paxton's George Eliot and  Herbert Spencer in The George Eliot and George
      Henry Lewes Newsletter 18-19 (9/91): 104-7.
Of Janet Todd's British Women Writers in Annotated and Ennumerative Bibliography ,
      4.4 (1990): 184-5.

Invited Sole-Authored Chapter in a Non-peer-reviewed Book:
“Othello.” The Facts on File Companion to Shakespeare. 5 vols. Ed. William Baker and Kenneth Womack. New York: Facts on File, 2012, 1508-52.