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English is the closest thing to a universal language that we have. Therefore, it is the logical choice for a second language. Throughout Latin America and the greater modern world, there is a need for certifying the English language proficiency of students, educators, and program coordinators. 

 This department has established itself in the area of assessment. Obtaining international recognition for its hard work in the field of English linguistic assessment.

SDSU’s English Language Skills Certification has created a set of online instruments and exams capable of certifying students' English proficiency at any of the six levels established by the Common European Framework of Reference. The exams evaluate the English language skills of students and teachers in such areas as language structure, writing, reading, speaking, and listening comprehension. All aspects of the assessments are conducted online, using the specifically designed digital platform created by Excellence Certification.

We are always committed to a constant search for co-participation with the purpose of sharing pedagogical knowledge to improve the learning of English as a second language or as a foreign language.

As of today, we have evaluated individuals both in the public and private sectors in countries such as Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Honduras, Dominican Republic, Peru, Ecuador, Panama, Colombia, and Spain.