Border Collection

The Imperil Valley Library’s Border Collection includes books and periodicals covering the wide spectrum of environmental, political, and historical issues affecting the Imperial Valley and Mexicali Border region.






Library Computers

The Library has a number of computers for searching the Library Catalog (PAC), doing research, word processing, accessing course reserves and other University services. It also offers printing, copier as well as scanning services.






Study Rooms

The Library has 3 study rooms available for group study. Each room offers a computer with internet access for doing reasearch, work processing and other University services. forThere is a 2 hour per room use limit. The study rooms can be reserved at the Circulation Desk.








SDSUcard is the official identification for San Diego State University. The SDSUcard enables students, faculty and staff to have library privileges, verification for University services and events, and provides increased usability.

To get your SDSUcard, pay $18 at the Cashiers Office and bring your receipt to the Library’s Circulation Desk. Library staff will take your photograph and within about 5 minutes your SDSUcard will be ready.

Hours to get SDSUcards

During the first two weeks of the semester any time the Library is open.

Monday-Thursday 11am-1pm, 3pm-4pm & 5pm-7pm
Fridays 11am-1pm & 2pm-3pm






Books Located only at the SDSU-IV Library

If you want to limit your search for books in the SDSU Library Catalog that are located only at the Imperial Valley Library, use the “Limit/Sort” or “Modify Search” option on the Library Catalog (PAC). After doing a book search by Words, Subject, or Author, select the “Limit/Sort” or “Modify Search” option, then use the pull-down menu next to “Where Item is Located,” and select Imperial Valley Campus. Click submit and the list will include the books that are located at the IV Campus Library.






Requesting Books from San Diego Campus Library, Circuit, or Link+

From the San Diego Campus Library

Students, faculty and staff may have books delivered from the San Diego Campus Library using the “Request/Hold” option on the Library Catalog (PAC). This is a free service for books that are located at the San Diego Campus Library, or Imperial Valley Library books that are currently checked-out. In order to request a book you must first create a PIN, see How to Create a PIN. Once you have established your PIN, search the Library Catalog for the book you want, then click the “Request/Hold” option along the top of the screen, and enter your name, SDSU ID number, and PIN, and click “Submit.” The book will be delivered to the IV Campus Library within 3 to 4 days.

From Circuit

If the book you want is not in the SDSU Library Catalog, or the book is currently checked-out, you may request the book to be sent to the Imperial Valley Library via Circuit. Circuit is a consortium of San Diego libraries sharing books. Normally the book is delivered within 3 or 4 days.