David A. Herndon

Student Success and Avenues for Success: David A. Herndon

by USDA-HSI & SDSU-Imperial Valley Collaborative Partnership

Student achievement and professional development involves dedication and perseverance, with resilience, not only academically through classroom learning experiences, but also beyond the classroom with hands-on experiences. Aspiring student leaders can better become ready for a career through a pathway that involves goal settings and identifying objectives with educational and service-learning opportunities.
For David A. Herndon, a senior who recently graduated with Summa Cum Laude Honors during May 2019 majoring in Public Administration, it was being selected to participate in an internship within public service with USDA-Rural Development in the Imperial Valley which offers financial programs that support essential community facilities such as public facilities, community support services, educational services, public safety services, healthcare facilities, food systems, and utility services with water and sewer infrastructures for drinking water and wastewater systems; providing financing for single-family homes and multi-family housing developments; and helping to finance the development of telecommunications and distance learning services.  
David A. Herndon has relished this accomplishment, along with many other achieved accomplishments, as he has strived to succeed within his baccalaureate degree and participated in a number of educational learning experiences, for example having the opportunity to attend the 2019 American Society for Public Administration Conference in Washington D.C. which focused on excellence in public service that emphasized public finance, public infrastructure, public engagement, and advancing public service effectively, efficiently, and equitably.  In addition, being able to attend the first-ever 2019 Latino Farmer Symposium in Yuma, Arizona which included discussions on entrepreneurship and financial resources for beginning, socially disadvantaged, and limited resource farmers.
David A. Herndon was also recognized and honored as the Public Administration Outstanding Student Graduate of the Year for both SDSU-Imperial Valley’s Division of Professional Studies and SDSU’s School of Public Affairs, for demonstrated student excellence, maintaining academic success, involvement in extracurricular activities, community service, leadership, research endeavors, and supporting fellow students.
David A. Herndon is a Veteran USMC – Corporal, an enlistment who honorably served in the Marines with acquired leadership, communication, and organizational skills before beginning his educational journey, as this impacted his continued commitment on serving the public and making a difference to help change people’s lives for the better. David A. Herndon’s inspirational story represents student achievement and educational attainment with professional development, it ultimately demonstrates that engaging students can further develop their knowledge and abilities through academic achievement and educational opportunities with service-learning. David A. Herndon’s pride in serving others and making a change for the better is reflected through his applauded successes and its on-going appreciation to strive for avenues of success in a career toward public service.