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SDSU-School of Nursing

RN to BS Enrollment Options

Prior to Admission (Fall, Spring or Summer)

Both Cross Enrollment & Open University do not guarantee admission. Space is limited.

The following classes are available prior to admission via Cross Enrollment/Open University:
NURS 312: Concepts in Professionalism (3 units)
NURS 307: Nursing Research (3 units)
NURS 320/L: Health Assessment (4 Units)
GE/Explorations Courses (3 units/each course)
*Up to 24 units can be completed prior to admission.

Cross Enrollment: After completing 60 units of credit, and while enrolled in 6 units of California Community College courses, you are eligible for 1 SDSU-IV RN-BS or GE course at a discounted price each semester. Forms must be signed by the Community College prior to registering at SDSU-IV Campus.

Open University: Courses may be taken through Open University with the approval of the RN-BS Nursing Program Coordinator and the respective course faculty.


  • ✓ For admittance into the following term, the CSU State Apply online application must be completed by the designated deadline
  • ✓ Official transcripts (high school, AP exam scores, and colleges/universities) and a Supplemental Application (that you will receive from the SDSU-IV Campus Office of Admissions) are due at a later date that is provided once your CSU State Apply online application is received by SDSU-IV.

Checklist for SDSU-IV RN-BS Program Admission

Admission is contingent upon meeting minimum requirements for admission to both the University & School of Nursing.

  • University: Golden Four
    • Speech
    • Written English Composition
    • Critical Thinking/Logic
    • Statistics
  • School of Nursing(GPA of 3.2)
    • Anatomy (B- or better)
    • Physiology (B- or better)
    • Microbiology (B- or better)
    • Psychology (C or better)
    • Sociology or Cultural Anthropology (C or better)
    • Chemistry (C or better)(General, Integrated, Inorganic or Organic)
  • ✓ Upon admission, students must complete and pass all clinical compliance requirements.
  • ✓ Students must have a valid CA RN license or scheduled to take the NCLEX exam, prior to clinical courses.
  • ✓ Students must possess a valid American Heart Association CPR card.