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Division of Professional Studies

International Business

Program Overview

San Diego Hall of JusticeThe Bachelor of Arts in International Business is designed to meet the needs of working business professionals and full time students interested in pursuing a degree that enhances their ability to work in both the global and domestic economies.  The curriculum is intended to prepare students for careers in business management and administration, as well as support the career development of working professionals.   Presently, students are able to specialize in management on the Imperial Valley campus.  Specializations in finance and marketing are available through our study abroad program or through the San Diego campus.  Students interested in the finance or marketing specializations should consult with the program adviser in their first semester.  Those who successfully complete the B.A. in International Business may be able to complete a Master of Science in Business Administration (MSBA) with a concentration in International business with one additional year of study on the San Diego campus.

Management: Management centers on the tasks, decisions, and strategies necessary to run an effective business.  Management analyzes what the firm can do well, the challenges and opportunities that face the firm, and how different people in the organization can work well together. Management also involves more specific responsibilities such as personnel administration, reward structures, information systems, and competitive strategy.  When firms operate across country borders, differences in culture, law, and economic systems make these tasks even more challenging. 

Finance: Finance is the art and science of managing money.  Both individuals and organizations earn, raise, invest, and spend funds.  The study of finance helps individuals or companies to value a variety of alternatives in terms of the sources of capital and the uses of capital. In turn, decisions are made on the overall plans for the firm.  Decisions are made of how much should be invested and what kinds of risk should be taken.  Thus allocation of resources becomes more efficient and profits increase.  The understanding of the financial process will help graduates to pursue all careers wherever the efficient allocation of money is concerned: manufacturing sector, service sector, financial sector, and nonprofit enterprises. 

Marketing: Marketing focuses on the firm’s relations with current and potential customers. Customers today seek to have their actual needs met rather than to obtain specific products. For example, airlines compete to some extent with teleconferencing service providers to offer a way to interact with distant business partners. Some of the tasks that marketing managers address include: research on the needs and wants of customers,  making decisions on new products and services to be offered, finding effective ways to reach consumers, making consumers aware of the firm’s offerings, adapting strategies across the world based on cultural, economic, technological, legal, and other relevant factors.

A minor in Small Business Management and a Business Administration Certificate are also available through the International Business program.  International Business majors are eligible to complete only the Business Administration Certificate, while students in other majors are eligible to complete the Business Administration Certificate or the Minor in Small Business Management.  These options are described in greater detail below.

Admission and Degree Requirements

Admission Requirements: 
Applicants must complete a minimum of 60 transferable units with a minimum of 30 units General Education with a 2.0 grade or better in the following course areas:  Written Communications, Oral Communication, Critical Thinking, and a Mathematics class above the level of intermediate algebra.  Applicants must also have a grade point average of 2.0 or better in all units attempted and be in good academic standing at the last college or university attended. 

Students are encouraged to complete their preparation for the major in accounting, economics, and the regional emphasis prior to taking upper division courses in the International Business program.

SDSU uses the California State University common admission application through the CSUMentor Web site. An application filing fee of $55.00 must accompany your application. There is a separate application for undergraduate admissions. If you cannot apply online, you should contact the Office of Student Affairs at San Diego State University Imperial Valley to make special arrangements to apply electronically with campus assistance.

Preparation For The Major (Business and Language Portions):
All preparation for the business and language portions of the major must be completed before enrolling in upper division courses.  Preparation for upper division Business courses includes 21 units as follows:  Accountancy 201, 202; Economics 101, 102; Economics 201 or Statistics 119; Finance 240; and Information decision Systems 180.  Preparation for the Language emphasis (Spanish only) includes 22 units as follows:  Spanish 101, 102, 201, 202, 211, and 212.  For U.S. Hispanics, Spanish 281 replaces 201 and 211, and Spanish 282 replaces 202 and 212.  See the adviser in the Spanish department for clarification, if needed.

Degree Requirements:

Core Courses and Specialization: The Bachelor of Arts Degree in International Business is offered by the College of Arts and Letters and the College of Business Administration.  The program is interdisciplinary consisting of business administration, foreign languages, and regional cultural studies. Students majoring in International Business will need to take a number of “core” courses providing a broad background on the “big picture” of doing business internationally. This core includes at least one introductory course in most of the basic business disciplines.  Each student then completes a specialization in management (IV campus) or in marketing or finance (study abroad or San Diego campus).  The specialization courses will help the student develop more in-depth knowledge in one of the fields.  The program offers students an opportunity to meet their individual interests and career goals with additional emphases on the Spanish language and on regional cultural studies.  All students are required to complete a practicum experience in an international business setting.

Grade Point Average: A minimum grade point average of 2.0 in each of the three areas (Business, Language, and Regional/Cultural studies) as described below:

Business Course Preparation: All preparation for the major in the business and language portion of this major must be completed, plus additional supplementary admissions criteria must be met, before enrolling in any upper division courses in International Business. The student must complete a minimum of 29 upper division units to include Business Administration 300 (1 unit), Finance 323 and 329; Information and Decision Systems 302; Management 350 and 405; Marketing 370 and 376, and completion of one of the following areas of specialization: Management: Two 300 or 400 level courses in management (Management 356, Management 450).  Finance: Two: 300 or 400 level courses in finance (on San Diego campus).  Marketing:  Two 300 or 400 level courses in marketing (on San Diego campus).

Language Emphasis: Four Spanish courses (12 units) with the satisfaction of the Language Proficiency Assessment Requirement (CAST).  Spanish 301, 302, 307, 497 (12 units). 

Language Proficiency Assessment Requirements:  Students are required to satisfy the Language Proficiency Assessment Requirement (CAST) during or immediately following the semester in which they complete their last language course.  See the program adviser for satisfying this requirement.

Regional/Cultural Studies Emphasis:  (Choose one region). Latin America: Thirteen (13) units to include IB 495, IB 498, and nine units (Economics 360 is recommended) selected in consultation with the adviser.  North America:  Thirteen (13) units to include IB 495, IB 498, and nine units (Economics 565 is recommended) selected in consultation with the adviser.

Internship and Study Abroad: All international business majors are required to complete a study abroad or internship abroad experience of at least one semester in length.  They can complete a semester abroad and an internship of a minimum of 150 hours in international business.  Several study abroad options are available at the Imperial Valley Campus.  Or as an alternative to studying abroad, majors may choose to complete a minimum of 250 hours of internship abroad in the region and language emphasis.  See the academic adviser and faculty internship coordinator for more information.  Students who choose the study abroad option are still required to complete an internship (International Business 495).   Students who choose the internship abroad option may earn credit for International Business 495.  IB 495 (Internship 3 units) and IB 498 (Doing Business Internationally 1 unit) are required as part of the Latin American emphasis.

Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement:  Students must pass the Writing Proficiency Assessment with a score of 10 or above, or complete one of the approved upper division writing courses with a grade of C (2.0) or better.

Program Planning:  Students should meet with the adviser and complete the appropriate course planning form:  the Spanish and Latin America Advising Guide, or the Spanish and North America Advising Guide.  Students can complete the form during orientation, but, in any case, the form must be completed prior to registering for classes. 


Small Business Management Minor and the
Business Administration Certificate

The Small Business Management Minor and the Business Administration Certificate are designed to complement the studies of business majors, non-business majors, as well as growth and development interests of working professionals.

Small Business Management Minor

The minor in small business management consists of a minimum of 24 units to include Economics 101, 102; Accountancy 201, 202; Management 350, 450; Marketing 370; and three units selected from Finance 323 or Manage­ment 352. Courses in the minor may not be counted toward the major, but may be used to satisfy preparation for the major and general education requirements, if applicable. A mini­mum of six upper division units must be completed in resi­dence at San Diego State University.  The minor is not available to International Business majors.

Business Administration Certificate

This certificate is designed primarily for persons who want to gain an increased understanding of essential principles through upper division business courses, and for students who decide to go on to pursue the B.S. degree with a major in either management, finance, accounting, marketing, infor­mation systems, or real estate at the San Diego campus. For those not seeking the B.S. degree it provides a program designed to give self-improvement opportunities for the pur­pose of securing employment, promotion or upward mobility on the job.  The Business Administration Certificate is available to all majors.

All students seeking admission to the certificate program must have successfully completed 56 transferable lower division units with a grade point average of 2.0. This includes completion of the lower division preparation required for any business administration major, i.e., Accountancy 201, 202; Finance 240; Information Systems 180, 290; Economics 101 and 102; Economics 201 or Statistics 119, and Mathematics 120 (or other approved calculus course). (The Imperial Valley Col­lege equivalents are Business 1A-1B, 5, 42, Computer Infor­mation Systems 1, Economics 1 and 2, Mathematics 12 and 15.)

The certificate will be awarded upon successful comple­tion of the following courses: Finance 323; Information and Decision Systems 301 or 302; Management 350; Marketing 370; and three units selected from Finance 321, 589; or Management 356. (15 units)

Schedule of Course Offerings
International Business

North American Economic Relations
Econ 565

Ethical Decision Making in Business
BA 300

Fundamentals of Finance
Fin 323

International Business Finance
Fin 329

International Business Internship
IB 495

International Business Internship
IB 495

Introduction to Operations Management IDS 302

Doing  Business Internationally
IB 498

Management and Organizational Behavior MGT 350

Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship
MGT 358

Social and Ethical Issues in Business
MGT 356

International Business Strategy and Integration MGT 405

Marketing  MKTG 370

Global Marketing Strategy
MKTG 376


Useful Resources

You can view more complete information regarding the International Business program in the General Catalog. All students are responsible for reading and knowing the information pertinent to their areas of study available in the General Catalog. It contains requirements for all academic majors, course descriptions, policies, and regulations governing programs at the University.  Catalogs are distributed at all Academic Orientations.

Contact and Advising Information

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