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Nursing Students


SDSU has adopted the following academic goals to sustain and strengthen our position as a leading university:

  • To encourage the intellectual and creative development of a diverse group of students by
    helping them learn about themselves and others, their own and other cultural and social heritages, and their environment;
  • To foster development of critical thinking, reading, oral communication, quantitative and
    qualitative analysis, as well as a commitment to lifelong learning and international perspectives needed to contribute to communities and chosen fields of endeavor;
  • To provide the basis for informed citizenship in a democracy;
  • To offer advanced undergraduate and graduate students professional training and preparation for further study in a broad range of disciplines, with a special emphasis on the preparation of teachers;
  • To support faculty in developing specialized contributions to knowledge, including innovative curriculum and pedagogy responsive to intellectual and professional needs of undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral students;
  • To support faculty in their professionally related community activities and infor med exchanges with diverse professional and la y communities that strengthen the university’s courses and scholarship;
  • To encourage scholarship, including creative and performing arts, by students, faculty, and administrators from all areas of the university;
  • To continue our commitment to research, including the expansion of externally funded projects and doctoral programs where appropriate.