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International Programs
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International Programs

Study Abroad - Spanish Major






"All Spanish majors are required to complete an approved study abroad program in a Spanish-speaking country consisting of a minimum of six units (90 hours). To fulfill the International Experience Requirement, Spanish majors must enroll in a study abroad program approved by the department. Participation in other study abroad programs without the written approval of the department will not meet the international experience requirement for the major." (2013-2014) General Catalog SDSU, p. 435)
There are many options available to satisfy your International Experience Requirement. Your first step is to do some research and find out what is best for you. You can do a summer program, a full semester or an entire year abroad. Program requirements, including GPA and deadlines, vary depending on each program. Your second step is to set up an appointment with the Study Abroad Adviser by calling (760) 768-5505.
The Spanish Department sponsors numerous programs that offer SDSU resident credit. There are some programs offered in the summer: Costa Rica (sometimes in winter too) and Spain. In addition, there are semester long programs in Spain. Detailed information about these programs is available at
In addition to the above mentioned sponsored programs, in order to satisfy your International Experience Requirement, you can also go on an approved program through an SDSU Exchange Program, an ISEP Program, a CSU IP or an Independent Program.

  • SDSU Exchange Programs are the least expensive programs; can be for one semester or one year. Some of the countries currently are Argentina, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Mexico and Spain. Find options in Spanish speaking countries here.
  • International Student Exchange Programs (ISEP) are very similar to the SDSU Exchange but offer additional countries.
  • CSU International Programs are for all CSU campuses; highly competitive and must be for a full year in length.
  • Independent Programs – see list of options and search engine on website

If you want to do a full semester or yearlong program, you must complete several requirements. Each program, has a separate checklist (SDSU Exchange Programs Checklist, the ISEP Exchange/ISEP Direct Program Checklist and the Non-SDSU Program Checklist) that are available in the Form & Checklist page that provides all required information and documents needed for you to apply to study abroad. Please note that the Host University application will be provided to you by email.
Important: In order to clear your International Experience Requirement, upon your return from your study abroad, you must submit a RAAR – Request for Adjustment of Academic Record. This form is available with your academic or study abroad adviser.

  • After you complete your study abroad program, it is your responsibility to complete and submit this form.  Your study abroad adviser will assist you by forwarding this form to the SD Campus to obtain appropriate signature, but you must complete the form and return to me in a timely manner for processing.
  • After this form is signed, it is then given to your graduation evaluator to clear your program requirement.

Example of How to Fill out RAAR Form:
Where it says SPECIAL CONSIDERATION REQUESTED, write the following:
For my International Experience Requirement to be cleared

Where it says EXPLANATION FOR REQUEST, write the following:
I completed a study abroad program during Summer 2013 at the Centros de Estudios Hispanicos in Madrid, Spain. I took SPAN 340-Spanish Civilization, 3 units and SPAN 350- Advanced Grammar, 3 units.  All courses were taken in Spanish.

Or if you completed a full semester abroad, you can write the following:
I completed a full semester abroad during Fall 2013 at UABC in Mexicali, Mexico. I took: (list courses taken). All courses were taken in Spanish.