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About the Borderlands Institute

The SDSU-IVC Borderlands Institute was founded in August 2013 to promote border-related scholarship and activities relevant to the Imperial, Mexicali, and Yuma Valleys.  The Institute fosters the University’s role as an active participant in the trans-border community, sponsors academic conferences and public lectures, hosts visiting scholars, and coordinates cultural exchange programs with Mexican Institutions.

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SDSU-IV is located in the border town of Calexico, California.  Its sister city, Mexicali, is located just across the border from Calexico and is the capital of the Mexican state of Baja California.  Fifty miles east of Calexico lies the Arizona city of Yuma.  Together, these three communities share a history that spans a period of over 100 years, and is defined by their dependency on the Colorado River.  The life-giving force of the River’s water has played a key role in the development of all three communities as it has allowed them to transform the Sonora and Yuha deserts into an agricultural oasis.  More recently, these deserts have become the focus of an emerging Alternative Energies Industry that has already established Geothermal and Solar Energy Plants throughout the region.  Situated as it is on the California-Baja California border SDSU-IVC is thus uniquely positioned to promote scholarship in a wide range of topics relevant to the history of the Imperial, Mexicali, and Yuma Valleys.


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